Cd's and DVD's

These are just a few that are available just email us with your request and we can see if we can get it in for you.

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Ambition to Meaning DVD

Ambition to Meaning DVD starring Dr Wayne W Dyer. It goes for approx. 2 hours and is a great story.
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Conversations With God DVD

Conversations With God DVD adapted from the books by Neale Donald Walsche. It goes for 109 minutes.
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Getting Into The Vortex Book & CD

Getting Into The Vortex Book & CD by Esther & Jerry Hicks The Teachings of Abraham. Guided Meditations CD
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Goddesses & Angels CD

Goddesses & Angels by Doreen Virtue. 4 Cd set.
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Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children CD

Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children by Doreen Virtue. 2 Cd's
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The Celestine Prophecy DVD

The Celestine Prophecy based on the novel by James Refield.
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The Moses Code DVD

The Moses Code DVD by James F. Twyman.
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The Power of Intention CD

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.
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The Secret 4 CD Set

The Secret 4 CD Set by Rhonda Byrne
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The Secret DVD

The Secret DVD extended edition that goes for 91 minutes.